Home WarrantyWhen you purchase a home, you have the option to ask for a home warranty. Many homeowners include it with the sale because of its low cost and appeal to buyers. These almost always come with a new build as well to guarantee the builder’s workmanship. House buyers are not always aware of this option, though, and may not know why they should have one. The cost is extremely minimal for the benefits of a home warranty that you will receive.

Home Warranty Benefits for Seller

You can purchase a home warranty at any time, even as you are selling your house. If you agree to give the buyer a warranty upon purchase, then you receive coverage as well. The coverage starts when you commit to this and ends when the home is sold. While on the warranty, system and appliance failures are covered. This saves you money because you won’t need to worry about the repairs.

Along with the cost of repairs, you attract more buyers when you list your house with a warranty. Eight out of ten buyers prefer a house with a warranty. If your home is identical to another, yours will have the advantage.  It also saves you from the hassle and stress of seller problems once you leave the property. Sometimes a system or repair fails that was agreed upon in the sale. With the warranty, the buyer contacts the warranty company instead of you or your real estate agent. There are many other benefits to sellers as well such as

  • More first time buyers interested

  • Lower chance of closing delays

  • High quality workmanship guaranteed

Home Warranty Benefits for Buyer

If the seller does not offer you a home warranty, you many want to purchase one yourself. The benefits of a home warranty for an owner are extremely advantageous. There are different levels of packages you can purchase, but even the basic coverage is worth the safekeeping. If any of the house’s mechanical systems or appliances fail, coverage will be there for you. All you need to do is contact the warranty company, which is easy to do with 24/7 availability. They then offer you a list of vendors to choose from who are already screened to guarantee skill and safety. Though the warranty probably comes with an expiration date, you can continuously renew your package for the length of time you own. You may also find these other benefits useful

  • Protection of your budget

  • Coverage of any system/appliance regardless of age

  • Coverage for locksmith throughout the year

  • Attainment of new appliance discounts when upgrading

When you decide to utilize a home warranty, you will find it is beneficial to everyone. In fact, there are even benefits to your real estate agent who is notified when there is a claim. It allows her to stay up-to-date on you and your housing needs. This is only one of the reasons you should choose an agent who you trust and want to form a long-term relationship with. When you are ready to begin your house search, contact Laurie Stoessel at 303-378-2320 to start your house hunting relationship.