Those of us with children know education is a BIG deal. If one is to succeed in this world, one has to have a good education. And education starts from the moment of birth. From your baby’s first breath to his or her last’s, learning never stops. And in the beginning, it is non-stop learning (part of the reason your baby sleeps so much!). From deciphering expressions, learning how to pick up objects, learning how to crawl and then walk, and then learning how to stand up once you fall, babies are learning machines.


It’s the job of parents to ensure learning never stops and progresses throughout childhood and beyond. The first major choice many parents face in their child’s education is pre-school. Predominantly a time for play, preschool is more important in developing social interactions than learning your ABCs. Furthermore, preschool prepares your child for elementary school. And this is where housing becomes a major factor in home purchases.


Mile High Home Sales understands the importance a neighborhood school is in your decision to buy a home. We provide all of our real estate clients with information on the local schools, the charter schools, and the private schools in a home’s area. Education is a choice, and our Denver Real Estate agents understand the importance of that choice.




The public school system receives funding based on the number of students who attend the school. This is standard across the state of Colorado. The difference in schools lies in the outside funds the school attracts, which the school uses to improve its education. Also, schools are a product of their teachers and administration. Decisions on spending and educational philosophy are made at the school level.




In the modern age with the internet, schools understand that the usual first point of contact with a prospective student is the Internet via a parent. With that in mind, there are many resources available for parents when they are making a decision on where to buy a home based on the school system.

  •  The US Department of Education reports on all schools and school systems in the United States, primarily using state testing scores as its gauge. Denver Public Schools statistics can be found here
  • .Every school unless you’re in a rural area has a website. Dive into the particulars from school hours, standardized test scores, teacher bios, extracurricular activities, school lunch menus, and course offerings on these sites. These are a wealth of information and often offer contract numbers to find out more.
  • Online review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Top Rated Local® offer reviews on the school often from parents on what they like and don’t like. These are great resources for unbiased opinions and insights into school happenings.
  • Social media also offers up unique insights. Visit the school’s Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or other social media platforms for additional gleanings about the school. Often, you’ll find candid images that speak louder than words.
  • Glassdoor, the online work review website, will give you insight into how the teachers view the school, teacher satisfaction, teacher pay, and overall teacher morale, which is huge in your child’s education.
  • Wikipedia has an article on most schools as well. These articles are usually just the facts, but you can learn about the school population, the curriculum, and test scores here as well.


These are just some of the resources available to the prospective home buyer. At Mile High Home Sales with our years of experience in the Denver Real Estate market, we can offer insights as well into particular schools as well as more information.




Education is a powerful influencer in the decision to buy a home. Although there are no hard statistics, many people sell their home and buy another home just to move their kids to a different school district. Education is a big part of kids’ lives (13 years at your home at least), and a school environment plays a huge role in not only your child’s educational flourishing, but their social and mental well-being as well.


All parents want their kids to like school and like attending school. As your Denver Real Estate agent, Mile High Home Sales can help you choose homes based off of school districts. Contact us today!