Increasing the curb appeal of your home.First impressions are extremely important, especially when you want to sell your home. You may think this begins when the potential buyer walks in the doorway, but it isn’t. The first impression starts from the curb. The home’s outside aesthetic sets the attitude buyers take inside with them. If it is maintained and in good condition, the inside likely is as well. If you need to increase your curb appeal, take these tips into consideration.

Edge Your Yard and Driveway

Edging your yard and driveway gives it a defining look. Use pavers, stone, or brick along the sides of the driveway to create a finished and clean aesthetic. These should be approximately two inches above the pavement to catch the eye. You can use this same process around the perimeter of your yard, or, create a bern. A bern incorporates the edging along with plants, mulch, and pavers. It allows you to create shapes that chop up the empty space and create intrigue.

Landscape the Yard

One of the most important aspects to increase your curb appeal is landscaping. The most wanted form of landscaping is raised flower beds, which dramatically raise your house’s appeal. You may want to plant flowers in front of the house, in hanging baskets from your porch, or other areas of the front yard depending on sun availability. While landscaping, you should also cut back any excess tree branches or bushes that take away from curb appeal. These overgrown plants tell potential buyers you do not care for or maintain the home. If you have large trees, you often find the grass in the shade surrounding it does not grow. Cover this area while landscaping. It does not need to be flowers, you can simply place an edging border there and fill it with mulch. It adds interest, takes away empty space, and is easy to maintain.

Update the House

Once the rest of your yard is complete, ensure your house is up to date. The paint needs to be free from dirt and not peeling. Place a fresh color on the door such as red or orange that pops from the street. Even your outside porch light, mailbox, and door handle can make a statement. When these minor details are complete, look over your garage doors as well. These take up a good portion of the front house and are statement pieces. Garage doors are constructed from wood, fiberglass, or steel. You may want a vibrant color, detailed design, or windows added in to create a bigger presence.

Other Curb Appeal Tips

The yard and home need to look neat and polished. The basic idea is to create an impression that your house is cared for and invites buyers in. If you feel you already took care of the main curb appeal tips, then these others may help

  • Create symmetry with plants and hardware

  • Install sidewalk lighting

  • Add a fence or arbor

  • Add shutters

  • Ensure your gutters are new and clean

  • Create a walkway to the front door

When you increase your curb appeal, you increase your house value. Not only will you drive more buyers into your house, you will make them pay more. If you are considering selling, contact Laurie Stoessel at 303-378-2320. She is a professional and respected real estate agent who can give you ideas about curb appeal that get you the most return.