Ken Caryl Recreation Area

Ken Caryl is a recreation place that is census-designated (CDP) and it is located in Jefferson County in Colorado.

There is so much going on with Ken Caryl

In the early part of 2011, a task force was set up which was named “the KC2020 Task Force”. This task force was set up as a result of a joint effort by the Metropolitan District Boards (MA and MD) and Ken Caryl Ranch Master Association. The purpose of setting up this task force was to build a long term strategy and gather information for study, with regards to the community.

Many community planning farms were interviewed by this task force. After taking the costs into consideration, the task force then decided, to conduct a study that was led by the staff, as well as some volunteers. The aim was to come up with a community-based plan that was good for the community. On the 28th of November 2012, the Community was presented with an Executive Summary. On the 31st of December 2012, the task force was dissolved.

Paying of dues is very easy at Ken Caryl, take a look…

There is a $45 Monthly Master Association fee that has to be paid for the year 2013. This due goes to support:

·        The Equestrian Center

·        The community newspaper

·        The program for trash/recycling

·        Looking after and maintaining the playgrounds and facilities like the swimming pools, football grounds and also -

·        Looking after native Open Space amounting to approximately 4,000 acres.

·        Maintaining the Ranch House Baseball fields, the Community Park West and also the Community Park East.

The Equestrian Center also has certain direct operating costs, but these are paid for by the user fees. But the payment of all these dues is very easy and they can be taken care of in the following ways…

·        ACH Automated Clearing House Collection Service: On the 5th of every month, your assessment will be automatically debited from your checking account.

·        E-Check: If you wish, you could also make your payment via “e-check”.

·        Payment by Coupon: Complete your check and enclose it along with the coupon or coupons you have.

·        Online banking by using a credit card.

·        Drop your payment off at the office or at the processing centre.

Ken Caryl is also Disabilities Act Compliant

The Ranch Metropolitan District has adopted a set of policies to accommodate people who are disabled. If you happen to be disabled and you are seeking special accommodation needs at the Ranch, you need to get in touch with the ADA Compliance Officer, Melissa Branson, at 303-979-4070 ext. 136 or email at

You can also get a job at Ken Caryl

If you wish to work at the Ken-Caryl Ranch, just download the application for employment, complete it and send it to the Ranch House.

As you can see…

The Ken-Caryl Ranch is highly committed to meeting individual recreation needs. All attempts are made to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made so that all those who are interested, can participate in the events, meetings and programs that take place over here.

If you are interested in Ken Caryl, just call Laurie Stoessel on (303)378-2320, we will take care of all your needs.