The kitchen is the most expensive room in your home that you can remodel. It is filled with cabinets, countertops, and expensive appliances along with the walls, floor, and plumbing. To get the best return, you may want to pay attention to the upcoming kitchen trends. These can help you increase your home value and allow you to list it for more if you choose to sell.

Black Countertops

The current countertop trend is for dark, black countertops. People want it to contrast against the other lighter tones on the cabinets and islands. Most homeowners are choosing to use granite or quartz to get a smooth look and feel, but there are other materials available as well. Concrete, for example, is friendly on your budget and can be dyed to get that deep black color.

Glass, Glass, and Glass

2014 is the year to show off your cabinets and kitchen knick-knacks. Kitchen cabinets are now fronted with glass doors so that you can display plates, glasses, and other items. It does mean you may need to be a little neater when you put things away. Another trend, that starts in the kitchen, but worked its way throughout the house, is glass shelves. These can be hung on any wall to display vases or other decorative items. You may even want to keep your plates or coffee cups for easy access. Glass is ideal though, because your eye goes through it and the space then feels larger.

Eco-Friendly Meets Personality

Remodel your kitchen with eco-friendly materials like These are just a few of the appliances you may find in more homes in 2014.bamboo and cork. These materials may cost more upfront, but generally last longer and are free of chemicals or additives others may have. These are also generally efficient, holding in heat and muffling noise. Along with the eco-friendly materials, choose energy efficient appliances and lighting as well. This helps lower electric, gas, and water bills, which appeals to everyone. You may, however, want to choose appliances with personality. Rather than stainless steel, choose one that comes in blue, red, or another bold color. 2014 is the year to let your kitchen show off its full personality with dark paint colors and bold appliances.

Latest Technology

Every year, new technology is released that makes cooking and cleaning a streamlined process. That is why many people choose to have it in their home. It may be that your fridge, stove, and microwave use touch screens so that there are no buttons. Perhaps, it is the eco-friendly wash on your dishwasher. You might, though, go even further and purchase a stove hood that has a built in television. There is a new stovetop available that retracts into the counter when not in use for safety. These will impress any potential buyer.

When you remodel your home, it is important to remember that it needs to appeal to potential buyers as well as yourself. This is true even if you are not intending to sell soon. The kitchen remodel is so expensive that it is not done very often so you want to get the most out of your money. By appealing to a wider audience, it increases your home value. You may find that you are getting back double what you put into it when listing the house. If you want tips on remodeling your kitchen, contact Laurie Stoessel at (303) 378-2320 who can advise you on selling your home.