Lodo ColoradoLoDo offers unique cultural, historical and retail entertainment, so if you are considering moving to this place to stay, you are making the right choice, of this you can be sure.


More about LoDo

Perhaps it is better known as LoDo District, Inc. This organization is well known as it is a 501(c) 3 membership organization. Also, the organization is in full support of Lower Downtown or LoDo as it is known as. The goals of LoDo District, Inc. are inclusive of the following:

  • Preserving the integrity of this historical destination.
  • Building collaborative initiatives between the members of LoDo.
  • Influencing public policies on current as well as issues of the future.
  • Promoting the businesses of the neighborhood to tourists and visitors, as well as to residents.
  • Presentation of issue related lectures and forums that will benefit the community on a whole.

The growing LoDo District

There are more than 400 members in this district today. And these members represent both the residential community as well as the business community.

The district has a very broad work-plan and all of its projects are managed by highly active sets of committees, including committees of the likes of:

  • Urban Design
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Events
  • Membership
  • Economic and Community Development
  •  Government Relations, to name a few.


LoDo, the beginning

Today, there is an online events calendar as well as a twice-monthly newsletter, LoDown on LoDo that is published by the LoDo District.

And all of this started in March 1988, when the City Council passed an Act that resulted in the formation of LoDo – the Lower Downtown Historic District. This was done to encourage the preservation and also the vitality of the region as this is an area that has a lot of significance because of its historical, architectural, and economic value. 

The result of LoDo being granted historical status

As a result of its historical status, protection was given to the historic resources of the community, as well as to 127 historical structures that contributed to the historical status of the area. In the 1960s and the 1970s, around 20% of the buildings of Lower Downtown were demolished as a result of a zoning ordinance enactment.

The historical B-7 zoned district is roughly bordered by the following:

  • Wewatta Street
  • 20th Street
  • Speer Boulevard
  • the alley between Market and Larimer Streets

Where the Past Comes Alive in LoDo

This is the Lower Downtown Historic District, a square block area of over 23 blocks. This was part of the original part of Denver, but it is now known as Lower Downtown Denver. In the year of 1858, a cabin of his own was built here by General William Larimer. He then went on to name this small settlement as Denver City.

And within a matter of just two decades of the General building his cabin at this spot, the settlement grew and in the year of 1860, it had a population of 4,749 - becoming 35,629 in the year 1880.

Preserving and Enhancing the Community

LoDo District, Inc is today in full support of the unique cultural, retail and historical neighborhood of LoDo via means such as marketing, advocacy and education. Both, businesses as well as residential communities are represented, though focus is given to the Lower Downtown Historic District, which is the heart of the neighborhood.

The partnership and the influence of LoDo District, Inc goes well beyond hard zooming boundaries and extends into the following adjacent areas:

  • Ballpark
  • Riverfront Park
  • the Central Platte Valley
  • River North
  • Prospect
  • Auraria and more

A great place to make your home

Lower Downtown continues to evolve and mature with each passing day and if you are keen on making a home for yourself here, you can be sure that you are making the right decision.

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